Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons
Riding LessonsRiding LessonsRiding LessonsRiding LessonsRiding LessonsRiding LessonsRiding Lessons

Red Earth Equestrian Centre provides a horse riding service to their clients. 

Here at Red Earth Equestrian Centre we think there is more to horse riding than just sitting on the pony and going round an arena, so we like our clients to get involved and arrive 10-15 minutes before the lesson to tack up the horse and take it round to the arena, once they have had there lesson/hack they will then untack and put the horses back to bed.  Please dont be worried though as we have friendly staff on hand to assist you if required.

We also like to run the format of the lesson different to other equestrian centres.  We try to have lessons with people of the same ability but at the same time riders work in open order throughout the whole of the lesson and are not attached to the tails of the horses in front!!

We believe this  develops a higher degree of control and that the rider develops and progresses quicker.  This is valid for riders, especially for those who are fortunate enough to get their own horse in the future.

Horses are not machines and we like the clients to understand that horses are unpredictable and you get out of riding what you put into it!

Small groups, where you can work as an
individual to improve your ability to ride, in a
flood lit, 20 m x 60 m arena

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