Heidi Swarbrick

Heidi Swarbrick
Heidi SwarbrickHeidi Swarbrick
Heidi currently works as a groom at Red Earth Equestrian Centre
Heidi is the test pilot for the horses which come into the school to be future school horses, but also breaks in many of the young competition horses, due to her calm and quiet manner when riding and this often helps with youngsters.
Heidi started riding at Red Earth as a child riding our smallest pony at the time Lucy (a little 12hh liver chestnut mare) and has progressed and learnt a number of skills making her into the top jockey she is today.
She has been out competing at some unaffiliated show jumping/dressage and hunter trials on one of the young horses Lexi before she was sold.
Heidi has loaned some of the riding school ponies previously Dollar and Sam.
She had Sam on loan in 2012 and did a fantastic job with him as he is only 5 and was only just broken when Stephanie purchased him
He has been out competing at some unaffiliated dressage winning first time out with 68%.
He has been placed in showjumping classes and came 4th at Smallwood one day event.

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