Poppy Brennand

Poppy Brennand
Poppy BrennandPoppy BrennandPoppy Brennand
Poppy is 8 years and one of our younger pupils she has done fantastic this year on plum not only did she qualify for the horse of the year show 2013 in the first ridden m and m 's but she came 10th in a very strong class ! She was also complemented on her riding position and skills for such a young age !

Results 2013
Poppy Brennand - corristine tinkerbelle winter champs 30/3/13 open lr show pony - 1st. Goosenargh and longridge 6/7/13 1st first ridden show pony. Colandra snapdragon. Bsps spring show 7/4/13 1st first ridden and reserve champion.  North of England show ri qualifier first ridden sp - 3rd. Bsps area 1b 4/5/13 qualified ri as 122shp. Bsps Cheshire premier 19/5/13 ri qualifier first ridden show pony - 3rd. Bsps white rose county 12/5/13 first ridden - 2nd. Bsps longton - 1st tiny tots first ridden. 1st open first ridden and went champion. Bolton bsps 26/6/13 1st 122shp. 1st first ridden hunter.  Summer champs tiny tots first ridden - 4th. Pony of the year show. 1st first ridden and 1st first ridden hunter. Bsps Barton 29/9/13 1st first ridden and 1st first ridden hunter and 1st tiny tots first ridden.  Islyn balch bsps longton 11/5/13 - m&m lead rein 2nd. Bolton bsps 16/6/13 1st m&m first ridden and then reserve champ. 1st junior small breeds and then reserve champion. Hoys qualifiers - nps area 5 m&m first ridden 27/5/13 - 7th.  Nps area 11 sollihull m&m first ridden 7th. 3 counties show m&m first ridden 14/6/13 - 9th. Cheshire county show 19/6/13 m&m first ridden 1st and qualified and went reserve champion. Sollihull 14/6/13 ri qualifier junior ridden 3rd. Plum qualified the lilley supreme at north of England for the north of England pony show. Hoys - brineton m&m first ridden 10th owta 24 9/10/13. Bsps White rose county 12/5/13 ri qualifier m&m pretty polly lead rein - 1st and m&m pretty polly first ridden - 1st. Longines royal international pretty polly first ridden - 8th. Robaston 14/4/13 ri qualifier pretty polly lead rein - 2nd. Summer champs - 2nd heritage first ridden, 8th heritage young riders up to 14yr pops only 7yr. 6th heritage freestyle first ridden, 7th Black Country saddles rider of the year.

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