Advanced Riding

Advanced Riding
Advanced RidingAdvanced RidingAdvanced RidingAdvanced RidingAdvanced Riding

Red Earth Equestrian Centre can provide training for experienced riders who wish to learn advanced techniques in horse control and the ability to ride horses over varying terrains and surfaces,

We cater for riders with there own horses that need to brush up on there positions or the horses way of going to improve results!

Or to give confidence to horse and rider that they are ready to move up to affiliated level by teaching them about related distances, narrow fences, leg yield, half pass, flying changes or perfecting the winning round over courses of fences!!! Not forgeting the jump off tactics that are best suited to the horse that they are competing ..... for example horses that cover a lot of ground dont need to  risk out of control speed they need to be able to learn to turn balanced on a six pence!!!

And for riders with horses that struggle with certain dressage movements they need to learn how to pull the marks up by riding very accurate flowing transitions to show harmony and control to gain 9's and 10's!!!

And if you have not got your own horse to compete you can still learn on one of the schoolmasters that are currently out competing at the affiliated levels but  are also used in the school!  

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