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Prices & Info
Prices & InfoPrices & InfoPrices & InfoPrices & Info

Private Lessons on school horses (1:1): 35 for 1 hour, and 20 per 30 minutes ( restricted times availabe)

Private Lessons (Own horse): 25, and 15 per 30 minutes

Semi Private (max of 2 people): 25 per hour per person

Group Lessons (max of 5/6 people): 20 per hour per person

Lead rein group lessons (max of 4/5 people) 15 per hour per person (in the lead rein lesson the clients get taught how to tack up then have their lesson in a secure safe arena and then taught how to untack and put the horses/ponies rugs on!!)

The centre opens on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and sundays

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